David Arn And Ava Hart Deliver a New Soulful Mother’s Tale

David Arn is an American singer and songwriter from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Regular readers of The Static Dive will recognize his name. David has appeared here before upon the release of his singles “Black Dog: The Photographer’s Tale” and “St. Paul’s Chimes: The Bystander’s Tale.” 

Each song is another chapter in Arn’s new concept album, “Traveler Tales.” The album consists of fourteen songs, each is a first-person narrative from one of fourteen travelers on a common journey. David says the project is loosely based on Chaucer’s classic “Canterbury Tales.” Now Arn has released another new chapter in the chronicle.

“Mother’s Day-The Mother’s Tale” is David’s beautiful new Americana/Folk single featuring Ava Hart on vocals. David wrote this song specifically for the singer who is the mother of a child on the autistic spectrum. It is a subdued, introspective song that glows with the warmth of a mother’s love.  

The touching and emotional track pairs Ava’s heartfelt and sincere performance with an intimate acoustic arrangement and the tasteful guitar stylings of Toby Wilson. Joni Fuller provides a perfectly melancholy violin solo. All three deliver skillful, soulful performances. Ava Hart’s vocal is perfectly executed, but more importantly it is unmistakably authentic. You can’t fake a love like this..

Check out the video for “Mother’s Day-The Mother’s Tale,” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with David Arn. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects, including the new album, “Traveler Tales.”    






David Arn on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

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