Euphemia Rise – Farewell to Greatness

Euphemia Rise is the professional name of the creative Alternative Electronic duo of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wim Lankriet, and vocalist Mel Benedichuk. The Belgian music project came together in the Spring of 2020. Wim and Mel wasted no time in writing and recording their own original  material. By September, the band was ready to release their debut single and introduce their unique sound.  

Drawing from decades of trippy Alternative Rock, the Euphemia Rise style incorporates elements of Psychedelic, Goth and Shoe Gaze. They weave together analog synths, electronic percussion and atmospheric guitars into a dark and dramatic sound. The effect is a modern twist on the moody vibe originally perfected by legendary artists such as Depeche Mode and Bauhaus.

“Farewell to Greatness” is the brand new single from Euphemia Rise and an excellent introduction into their brand of deep, dark psychedelia. The track builds slowly from minimalist piano arpeggios to a broad synth soundscape. It continues to go darker and heavier as it progresses until it has evolved into a massive, guitar-driven mix. Lyrically the song delves into deeply personal territory.

‘Farewell to Greatness’ is a song about sexual confusion and loneliness. About the feeling of not belonging anywhere, not fitting in or finding the right people. At the same time the lyrics express nostalgia, for a period that was at the same time terrifying and beautiful.

Wim Lankriet

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Euphemia Rise on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Euphemia Rise