Ania Debuts A New Synthpop Jam – Fade Away

Ania is a new voice on the international Pop scene. Although the Budapest, Hungary based singer and songwriter has just launched her solo career she has worked in music for years. After spending twelve years performing in Rock and Heavy Metal bands, she felt her love of Pop music calling to her.

“Fade Away” is the debut single from the mononymous singer. The track is fully immersed in a retro synthwave groove. From its vintage drum machine sounds to its fully synthesized arrangement, the song is born of the fabulous 1980’s. It’s a breakup song, but one built on an upbeat and feel-good dance beat.

Even If it’s about heartbreak I wrap it into a candy cane coat, with some pastel pink mist so people can feel the sadness and happiness at the same time. This feeling was my everyday life because of my mental illness. So I know a good song can help a lot and be a friend when isolated yourself.


Vocally Ania’s powerful and soulful voice brings to mind 80’s Pop and R&B singers like Taylor Dane. Her tone and delivery also bear some resemblance to more modern vocalists, like the similarly 80’s obsessed Lady Gaga. And like Gaga, Ania infuses a healthy dose of disco into her groove.

Check out “Fade Away” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Ania. Stay in the know on all of her current and future projects.






Ania on the Deep Indie Dive playlist