Devin Summers Gets Honest on His New Single

Devin Summers is an aspiring American Hip-hop and R&B artist. The singer, songwriter and producer has been making music for the better part of a decade. Earlier this year he began releasing his original compositions to the world. To date, he has dropped three singles including; “Crush” and “Toonami.”

“Honest” is Devin Summers’ latest single. It is a deeply personal, confessional song of self exploration and healing. Over an easy and smooth R&B groove Devin alternates between soulful singing and a confessional rap track. He runs through the various social and emotional hurdles which have held him back, and he is not letting them be in control any longer.

Summers lists artists like Prince, Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator and Soulection (an LA-Based record label) as his influences. You can hear their inspiration in his combination of lush R&B and Pop instrumentation and hard Hip-hop rhythms. His personal and vulnerable lyrics bring to mind some of Prince’s quieter introspective moments.

I wanted to write the most vulnerable song I could and this was the result.

Devin Summers

Devin is currently working on a seven song EP titled, “Gemini.” The project will continue the artist’s exploration of self-acceptance, depression and self-realization. Check out “Honest” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Devin Summers. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.





Devin Summers on he Deep Indie Beat playlist

Devin Summers