Lizarazo and Rene A. Chavez Bring the Sunny Side

“Sunny Side” is the brand new single resulting from the collaboration of two prolific artists from Austin, Texas. Producer Lizarazo (aka Tomas Salazar) and writer Rene A. Chavez created the song to, “champion the experience and triumphs of brown women under the scourge of patriarchy.” 

Salazar is a Colombian-born, Middle Eastern-raised musician with a background in Latin music and classical guitar. He now directs his creative energies into producing downtempo electronic music. Rene A. Chavez is a producer, songwriter, and performer. He is the front man of the popular indie-cumbia-pop quartet, Como Las Movies. Recently he has embarked on a solo project, releasing monthly experiments in Contemporary Pop and Latin music.

The duo’s latest collaboration rides a cool chillout groove. At the heart of “Sunny Side” is a big lo-fi Hip-hop beat. The mix of sampled analog sounds and electronic elements creates a surreal and laid back mood. Retro synths set a breezy summertime vibe. Bluesy lead guitar flashes float in and out of the ethereal mix. Meanwhile, Chavez delivers a classic Pop melody with smooth Jazz phrasing and impeccable harmonies. It’s a groove to get lost in.

You can hear “Sunny Side” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Lizarazo and writer Rene A. Chavez. Stay in the loop on all of their many current and future projects.


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Lizarazo and Rene A. Chavez on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

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