Hemisphere Drop a New Retro Rock Transmission

Hemisphere is a band on a mission. The Southern California group makes their music with the stated purpose of promoting unity, diversity and equality. To that end they will use all musical genres at its disposal; Rock, Pop, Jazz, Fusion and Metal.

“American Dreams” is the brand new album by Hemisphere. The record pursues the themes of unity, diversity and equality through the eyes of its songs’ protagonists. In the case of the lead-off single, “Transmission” we take that journey via a retro-Pop groove powered by analog synths and flashy guitars.

Stylistically, “Transmission” lands somewhere between the art-rock of the late 70’s and New Wave of the early 1980’s. For instance, through the first half of the song it moves along on a bouncy Pop melody. Then everything changes and the song slides into a Santana style Latin funk jam after the last chorus.

The band is excellent throughout. They include; Don Bowman on Vocals and Sax, Mike McQuilken on Drums, Nathan Brown on Bass, Max Zape on Keys and Rob Shinno on Guitar and Vocorder. Elsewhere on the “American Dreams” album, special guests include; Tommy Aros (Grammy Winner – Fattburger), backing vocals from Rebecca Jade (2020 SDMA Artist of the Year), Leonard Patton as well as trumpeter Derek Cannon and a ripping guitar solo from Zangi Recording Artist Patrick Yandall. 

Check out “Transmission” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Hemisphere. Stay in the know on all of their current and future projects.




Hemisphere on the Deep Indie Dive playlist