Midnightview – I Wrote This Song About You, Would You Please Have Sex With Me? (feat Lana of Mars)

We have heard from Midnightview a few times before. With each release the mystery deepens, often at the hands of the artist himself. For instance, the latest addition to his bio reads, “Midnightview is an avid time traveler who sporadically creates music.”

What we do know; we know he was born in Jamaica, and that he is a musician and model. We also know that over the past few months the enigmatic singer, songwriter and producer has released a series of soulful, funky and slightly confusing singles with paragraph length titles.

Case in point, Midnightview’s latest release is “I Wrote This Song About You, Would You please Have Sex With Me.” The song is slow and low, downtempo R&B track. “Lana of Mars” provides soulful and sexy harmonies singing the refrain, “All I need is you” over a fat, lo-fi acoustic drum beat.

Midnightview takes a turn at the mic for a P-Diddy style rap. Much of the production brings to mind some of Prince’s more experimental slow jams. This is a fect the rapper takes advantage of with the clever lines, “I’ll be Prince and you be Apollonia.” Meanwhile, hypnotic electric piano keys float in the periphery.

Check out “I Wrote This Song About You, Would You please Have Sex With Me” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Midnightview.






Midnightview on the Deep Indie Dive playlist