Tony Ro$e Drops a New Tax Free Jam

Tony Ro$e has been a driving force in the Portland, Oregon Hip-hip scene for nearly twenty years. In that time he has worked on his own solo material as well as contributing to countless other projects. He’s given inspiration and assistance to young rappers across the Northwest and he has worked with some of the region’s biggest names as well. 

In the past Tony made a name for himself appearing on songs from Bay Area Hip-hop legends like; Mac Dre, Mista F.A.B., Mitchy Slick and others. His recent collaborations include a guest spot on Eso.Xo.Supreme’s “NASA,” and he earned an Executive Producer credit on Prxscott’s Northeast Legends EP. The Static Dive covered that record‘s release back in July of this year.

As a solo artist Tony Ro$e has released several mixtapes over the years with Fli Boi Ent through Coast 2 Coast mixtapes. He’s had some setbacks, including some time in prison. However , that hasn’t stopped him from building a loyal fan base thanks to tracks like; “W.O.W Flyest In The Town,” “Missin The Block,” and “Freak Tonight.” 

“Tax Free” is Tony’s latest single. The song rolls on a low and slow Trap beat, produced by @KanielTheOne. The track has an asian flare, mixing koto and flute samples. It is a cool groove that leaves Tony plenty of room to drop his thoughts on money, who has it, and who doesn’t. Through most of the track, with a cool and easy flow, he has fun with the subject, dissin’ his haters and bragging about his own bank. During the bridge the rapper breaks it down with his vision for a future of socio-economic equality. I don’t know if he is right, but I like the world he envisions.

Check out “Tax Free” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Tony Ro$e. Get on his socials and stay up to date on all of his current and future projects.





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Tony Ro$e on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

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