Charo Galura Seeks Healing in the Hypnotic Nobody’s Land

Charo Galura’s new single “Nobody’s Land” tackles the realities of cultural displacement, identity loss and the prejudice of ignorance. They are subjects of which the singer has first hand knowledge. The Alternative Pop songwriter and producer is an international artist in every sense of the word. Currently based in London, Galura was born in Italy to Filipino parents. Growing up, she knew the sting of racism first hand through the cruelty of her peers. She even attempted to reshape her own image to better fit in.  

I discovered I was different from the other children when kids started to call me ‘Chinese negro’. Then I would do anything to not look Asian, like rubbing my eyelids to make them swell up, so that my eyes could look rounder.

Charo Galura

On “Nobody’s Land” she views these issues from the inside out. From the perspective of her younger self, Charo examines how prejudice and racism can affect children and the way they see themselves in relation to the world. She recounts feelings of isolation and trying to deny her cultural identity. The stream of consciousness lyrics are raw, emotional and heartbreaking at times. As when she prays to God for a sign and the strength to walk without shame. It is a powerful message.

Musically the song is an experimental mix of Lo-Fi and Ambient electronic music. The song’s stark synth instrumentation and simple drum beat are accented by ethereal background vocals and occasional bluesy guitar flourishes. The expansive, uncluttered mix leaves plenty of room for Galura’s lead vocal to breathe and for her words to make a solid emotional impact.

You can hear “Nobody’s Land” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Charo Galura. Get on her socials and stay in the know on all of this talented and adventurous artist’s current and future projects.







Charo Galura on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Charo Galura