Superfly Symphony’s Alluring Disco Life Philosophy

Superfly Symphony is bringing the groove back to Chi-town. We first heard from the Disco torchbearers last month on the release of their single “On the Dance Floor.” The band has been doing their thing in the Windy City for a few years, but that song marked the debut of their own original music. 

The track introduced us to their authentic 70’s vibe. The funky troupe’s sound relies on a completely organic arrangement of live drums, guitars, bass and keys. There isn’t a sequencer or drum machine to be found at a Superfly Symphony show. Even their synths feature authentic 70’s analog sounds.

“Disco Life Philosophy” is not only an excellent description of the foundation upon which Superfly Symphony is built, it is also the title of the band’s sophomore single. Once again they have cracked open their sonic time capsule to reveal a new dose of polyester funk perfection. This time the band is embracing all things AM radio by incorporating Classic Rock and Funk into their Disco stew.

The entire band shines on “Disco Life Philosophy.” Bassist Bill Kovalsky and drummer Derrick Martens lay down the all important funk. Keyboardist Bryan Cichon, vocalist Kristi Cichon and singer/saxophonist Bill Fornari create a perfect mirror ball ambience. However, lead vocalist Kelly Baumgartner and guitarist Ken Mandat are at center stage. 

Kelly delivers a powerful and soulful performance as she informs a clueless love interest that his efforts to hold her back from the dance floor are in vain. Meanwhile Ken rips bluesy classic Rock guitar riffs and lays down some super funky rhythm guitar. As the song progresses the two take turns with smoking vocal vamps and rocking solos.

Check out “Disco Life Philosophy” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with “Superfly Symphony.” And get on the dance floor!





Superfly Symphony on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Superfly Symphony