Todd Barrow Escapes For Fun in Mexico

Todd Barrow is a name well known to regular readers of The Static Dive. Over the past two years he has appeared on these pages numerous times upon the release of a string of popular Modern Country singles. In that time he has reached fans across the globe. Songs like “Girl Like You” and “Country’s Just Cooler” count their listeners in the tens of thousands.

“Fun in Mexico” is Todd Barrow’s latest single, and it is sure to connect with world weary fans. The song takes us all on a much needed vacation south if the border. We are all worn down by the reality of 2020. Real news, fake news, politics, pandemics and natural disasters have driven many of us to stick our heads in the sand. On “Fun in Mexico,” Todd has chosen to stick his toes in the sand instead.

An upbeat Pop/Rock rhythm with a Country vibe drives this song of fun in the sun. Through the first verse Todd takes inventory of the drudgery and mundanity of reality which he intends to discard. Through the rest of the track we find the singer chillin’ in a Mexican bar with scantily clad seƱoritas, laying on the beach in the sun and deep sea fishing with Jimmy Buffet on the radio (of course). 

As a singer and songwriter, Todd Barrow has a keen instinct for connecting relatable lyrics to radio-ready hooks, and delivering them with his signature, smooth Southern tenor. All of the above are in perfect form on “Fun in Mexico” as a top-notch band delivers the solid one-two punch of a backbeat rhythm and some really slick guitar playing.

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Todd Barrow