A.V.O. King Defies Genre On His Latest Single “I Don’t Care”

A.V.O. King is a multi-faceted artist from Akron, Ohio. The rapper, singer, songwriter and producer debuted in 2019 with a string of releases on Soundcloud. Earlier this year he made the transition to all other major DSPs with the official release of his single “Heartless.” Though he may be new to the industry, A.V.O. King has over a decade of experience writing and performing.

The talented young artist first picked up music at the young age of eight years-old. However, he didn’t limit himself to a single instrument. Back then he was known by his given name, Robert Harris. Over the years he learned his way around the drums, piano and guitar. At 19 he picked up a copy of FL Studio and applied his years of musical knowledge to the art of beat making. A.V.O. King was born.

“I Don’t Care” is the latest single from A.V.O. King. Released on September 25, 2020 it is already the singer’s most popular track with over 5,000 spins on Spotify alone. On the song, A.V.O. King seamlessly marries multiple genres from Hip-hop to Rock.┬áThe track rolls on a fat, 808-style Trap beat. A Reggaeton inspired bass adds a cool bounce to the groove. A smooth and melodic minor key piano creates a melancholy mood. Meanwhile, King delivers an emotional break-up tale that alternates in vocal style between Emo and melodic Rap. He is joined on the track by fellow Akron rapper YungKing YME.

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A.V.O. King on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

A.V.O. King