Cody Newman Continues The Magic With “Ghost”

Cody Newman has made a big splash in a very short period of time. Last year she released her debut EP, “End of Infinity.” That record’s single “Comet” burned up the charts. The track was the #4 most requested on Radio Disney. The accolades did not stop there. She has been catching ears and turning heads throughout the music Industry. 

She was named “Next Up Artist” by John Ivey at the hugely influential Los Angeles Pop station, KIIS FM. Billboard magazine included Cody as part of their “Breakout Artist Series” in early 2020. She was scheduled to be the featured artist at the Worldwide Radio Summit until it was postponed due to the pandemic. Now Cody is now represented by Mark Cheatham of the heavy hitting Creative Artist Agency (the same agent as Cardi B).

Did I mention that she is only 15 years-old?

Before even entering her junior year of high school, Cody Newman is well on her way to a hugely successful music career. Since the release of her debut the multi-instrumentalist has dropped a series of successful singles, each counting its streaming numbers in the tens of thousands. “Ghost” is the young artist’s latest. The infectiously catchy track is sure to take the singer to even higher heights.

“Ghost” is a clever and slightly retro Pop track with a hook around every corner. The song features an upbeat Pop rhythm, powered by 80’s synth and drum machine sounds. Cody’s electric guitar pounds out the immediately familiar groove as she tells a cute and quirky tale about the confusion and uncertainty of young love. She sings to a prospective suitor who is playing it a little too cool for her liking. With an easy tone and a sing-song melody she sings, “You’re a ghost and I’m not your boo.”

Listen to “Ghost” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, and follow the links below to connect with this exciting young artist. Follow along on her musical adventure.





Cody Newman on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Cody Newman
Cody Newman