Dre Day 100 Starts a New Phase With “1hunna Man, Pt. 3”

Dre Day 100 is the professional name of Drevon Johnson. The Austin, Texas based rapper first picked up the mic in 2017. Since then he has been making up for lost time, dropping a steady stream of over a dozen singles on SoundCloud up to and including 2019. He was testing the waters, getting his feet wet and honing his craft.

In 2020, Dre really stepped up his game. Confident in his flow and newly settled on a style, he began releasing his music to all of the major streaming services. It was a hard road that got him there. During these three years he saw a long term relationship dissolve, he got into trouble with the law and tragically saw the death of a close friend. The hardships took their toll, but they ultimately motivated him to turn things around

I fell into a deep depression. But during that stage of my life I found my purpose. After crying all the tears I had, I would listen to some instrumentals and perfect my craft. Finally after 9 months of recovering I FOUND MYSELF. 

Dre Day 100

“1hunna Man, Pt. 3” is Dre Day 100’s latest single and a new start for the rapper. The track comes after he took some time to get his, “mental and financial life together.” The result is his most cohesive and creative song so far. The beat combines elements of Trap and old-school rhythms with a psychedelic backing track. Lyrically Dre combines gangster themes with a bit of comedy and even a touch of religious imagery.

Personally and professionally, Dre is hitting his stride. Check him out on the Deep Indie Beat and follow the links below to connect with Dre Day 100. Get on his socials and be part of his journey.





Dre Day 100 on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Dre Day 100