Kiu Dizzy Returns With The Hot New Swiss French Hip-Hop Single “MIMETISME”

Kiu Dizzy first hit the scene a decade ago with the release of his successful debut album “Loin d’là: Swiss ID.” The French speaking Swiss rapper went mostly quiet in the subsequent years. A few collaborations popped up with fellow rappers Nxo DaFKN and REZP. Kiu (pronounced ‘Q’) made some guest appearances on other artist’s work. But for the most part, his output was limited during most of the 2010’s.

The Geneva-based Hip-Hop artist is stepping up to the mic anew for 2020. He has joined forces once again with producer Felproducer, as well as previous collaborators REZP and Chilean rapper Nxo. Kiu’s brand new single is sung entirely in French and is titled “MIMETISME” (imitation). The track features smooth Spanish guitar and a low, mellow synth bass. The downtempo Hip-Hop groove rides on a beat that is equal parts Trap and Reggaeton.

It’s a cool breezy sound, accented by chill ambient synths. As the song rolls on, each rapper takes his turn in the spotlight. They alternate between rapping, singing and melodic rap. The performances give the laid back track a loose and easy old-school freestyle feel. 

You can hear “MIMETISME” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Kiu Dizzy. Get in the know on all of his current and future projects.





Kiu Dizzy on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Kiu Dizzy