Benedict Sinister’s High-Concept, Lonely Morning Alt-Pop Lament

Musician, poet, videographer and international man of mystery, Benedict Sinister is an interesting cat. Fame has found him despite his actively and explicitly avoiding it. His first two singles spawned hit dance club remixes and earned the French/Australian singer some A-List celebrity admirers. The story seems counter-intuitive to that of an artist whom has yet to reveal his face and writes his songs by deconstructing and reinventing the creations of others.

I’m not interested in taking the limelight for myself. I don’t want or need fame. I’m a modest vessel channeling the genius of others.

Benedict Sinister

Prior to embarking on his successful solo career in 2018, the artist spent twenty years travelling the world as a musician for-hire. Singing, strumming and DJing he dotted the globe reading, drinking and evolving into Benedict Sinister. Now, only after physically removing himself from the limelight does he find himself in it. Sinister’s unique brand of high-concept pop-art set to smart-but-funky Folk/Rock is connecting with fans, organically.

“I’ve Come to Tell You I’m Going Away” is Benedict Sinister’s third single, released on October 16, 2020. The track is an homage to the great break-up songs. As with his previous works, the producer builds his tune with parts found throughout the art world. The lyrics are a translation of a 1973 song by legendary French artist and provocateur, Serge Gainsbourg. 

Sinister carries the theme forward and references ten other artists who have memorably addressed break-ups, from Hemingway to Lana del Rey. The singer’s low rasp and spoken-word delivery brings to mind the late, great Leonard Cohen. That, paired with a smooth coffeehouse groove, is the perfect setting for this lonely Sunday morning lament.

You can hear “I’ve Come to Tell You I’m Going Away” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Benedict Sinister.





Benedict Sinister on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Benedict Sinister