Roberto Ferrari Takes a Latin Turn On The New “La Ultima Vuelta”

Roberto Ferrari is an international man. He was born and raised in Italy, where he spent his early years studying piano and composition. Eventually the musician and composer found his way to the United States. He moved to Los Angeles and worked in TV and film. There he focused his creative energies on composing orchestral and choir music.  

As his music took a turn toward the electronic, Roberto ultimately set his sails back to Europe. This time he landed in Barcelona where he currently resides. In Spain, Ferrari’s artist palate was further broadened by the music of renowned DJ, Offer Nissim. When not writing and recording his own music, Roberto works as a DJ and producer of Pop, House and Progressive House music.

“La Ultima Vuelta” (the last turn) is Roberto Ferrari’s latest single. The track opens as a seemingly somber piano ballad. However, as the singer’s powerful vocal introduces the song, a downtempo Latin groove slowly builds in the background. By the 1:00 mark, we’re on the dance floor. 

Ferrari’s international roots are clear in a beat that successfully combines various Latin and Caribbean elements. He keeps the rhythm going, with only a brief stop back in the Mediterranean for a cool, brass and accordion interlude. The beat comes back as quickly as it left gets the crowd moving. 

Check out “La Ultima Vuelta” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist.  Follow the links below to connect with Roberto Ferrari. Get on his socials and stay in the loop on all of this talented artist’s current and future projects.




Roberto Ferrari on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Roberto Ferrari