Yola Black’s Hilarious Diss To All You Bic Thieves

Yola Black (aka Dee Haitian Hippie) is an aspiring Hip-hop artist from New Jersey. Or if you prefer, by his own description he is, “A weirdo, roaming the streets of Atlantic City.” The free spirited and wildly creative rapper has been dropping tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube for the past two years. His work ranges from the dark and serious to the light-hearted and ridiculous. His latest video definitely falls into the latter column, and it is fantastic.

“BIC” is Yola Black’s diss to lighter thieves everywhere. There is no symbolism or metaphor here. The song is about the iconic and ubiquitous plastic cigarette lighters we all know and love. And it is absolutely genius. Anyone who has ever smoked knows that the Bic is the single most common object of petit larceny amongst those who use them. Over a Trap beat and low rolling piano bass line, Yola takes the thieves to task.

A lighter is ninety nine cents. Just buy your own, it makes more sense. If I calculate the amount of lighters I lost in my life, bitch I could pay rent!

Yola Black

In the video (above), watch Yola battle for his Bic while passing smokes and blunts around with his friends on an Atlantic City rooftop. If you have ever had the displeasure of wrestling your own Bic from the grasp of a supposed friend, then be prepared to spend some time rewinding and re-watching. The video is the most relatable thing you will see today. And it is a lot of fun.

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Yola Black
Yola Black