Baby Jesus Paper Boy – Expensive Dance Music

Baby Jesus Paper Boy is the professional name of Eamonn Prizy, and he is an interesting cat. By day, Mr. Prizy is a music teacher in Chicago’s Public School system. Back in the olden days, before the pandemic, he would spend his evenings gigging in Rock and Jazz groups around the Windy City.

He has played and recorded with a number of groups throughout the Chicago music scene including; Rosaries, Dogs at Large and Cam’s Jams Family Band. Of course, no one is doing much gigging in 2020. So Eamonn has taken advantage of the downtime to record his debut solo album.

Prizy has described the forthcoming Baby Jesus Paper Boy record as, “One part Isley Brothers, one part Kurt Vile. A mix of 90s radio peppered with slap bass and a rainbow of guitars, hippie dances, and Irish-exiting saxophone.” If you’re thinking that description may be a bit of cute and slightly hyperbolic marketing, think again. To date, Prizy has released two singles from the Baby Jesus Paper Boy album and they live up to the hype. Baby Jesus Paper Boy is a blast.

“Expensive Dance Music” dropped on October 9, 2020. The song is a wild mix of musical styles and sounds from across the decades of Pop music. At the heart of the track is a groovy slap disco bassline and four on the floor drums. A funky synth and guitar wall of sound fills the room as Eamonn lays down a rap reminiscent of Blondie’s 1980 smash “Rapture.” As the song progresses he accents the New Wave groove with a bit of Jazz sax and Latin Blues guitar. It is nuts. You will love it.

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Baby Jesus Paper Boy

Check out “Expensive Dance Music” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Eamonn Prizy. Stay in the know and get ready for the debut album from Baby Jesus Paper Boy.





Baby Jesus Paper Boy on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Baby Jesus Paper Boy