Demyia And The Unclassifiable Cool of “Clownin”

Demyia is a multi-talented, multi-faceted artist originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. The singer, songwriter and producer has a vibe that defies typical genre classifications. Ever since the remarkably young age of eight, they have been creating audio and visual art as a means of understanding and interpreting the world around them. In this year of quarantine and uncertainty they have decided to release that music to the world.

On October 23, 2020 Demyia dropped the debut single “Clownin.” The track is a wildly creative and soulful tune about love and confusion. A smooth Jazz bassline and funky lo-fi beat introduce the track. That groove remains the central anchor throughout the song. From there, psychedelic synths swell in and out of the mix as retro drum machine percussion and arcade sounds add flavor. It is a mesmerizing sound.

As cool as the instrumentation may be, Demyia’s vocal performance is the star of the show. Through the verse they deliver bitingly clever lyrics with a tone and melody that shifts between straight Pop and mellow R&B. They had me rewinding repeatedly to catch excellent lines like “Call me pennywise, baby I’m a fucking clown,” and “Talk is cheap and I’m gonna start taxin.” This is smart stuff and it pulls you in. And as soon as they have us hooked with that sultry and confident singing voice, Demyia drops a rap that would put the world of SoundCloud hobbyists to shame.

Clownin’ is essentially 3.5 minutes of acknowledging what I like to call “dumb bitch behavior” while also relishing in its amusement/not being able to break free from old habits.


Check out “Clownin” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Demyia. Their socials are a brilliant mix of art, music and fashion. You will not be disappointed.





Demyia on the Deep Indie Dive playlist