Yung Goony & J Mouse Drop New Single – Truly Committed

Yung Goony is an aspiring Hip-Hop artist from Los Angeles, California. Although the up and coming Trap star is new to the music industry, he is well acquainted with a life of celebrity. That’s because the young rapper is the son of legendary retired professional basketball player Rasheed Wallace. He is now taking the family stardom into the world of music and the Hip-hop community is beginning to take notice.

Despite the fame of his father and the notoriety that comes with it, the artist says he felt misunderstood his whole life. He created the Yung Goony persona to reflect his upbeat and somewhat eccentric personality. To date, the talented rapper has dropped three singles. Impacting earlier this year, his first two singles (“Pardon My Drip” and “Mood”) have already racked up over 100K spins across multiple streaming platforms. On October 16, 2020 Yung Goony released his third song “Truly Committed.”  

“Truly Committed” rolls on a downtempo Trap beat. A smooth bass and drum mix introduces a subtle Caribbean feel. Trippy ethereal synths float around in the periphery, giving the beat a slightly psychedelic vibe. Meanwhile, Yung Goony alternates between a melodic autotune rap and soulful R&B vocals. Guest rapper J Mouse adds a bit of old-school Hip-hop flare in the third verse. The two rhyme about the importance of loyalty, hustle and respect.

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Yung Goony & J Mouse on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Yung Goony & J Mouse
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