Munk Duane’s Clever, Sexy Homage To The Purple One

Munk Duane keeps himself busy. On any given day you may find him; composing music for Film and TV, running his own professional recording studio, lecturing at his alma mater (the prestigious Berklee College of Music), or entertaining the audiences in his beloved hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. As a composer his resume is long and impressive, including scores for dozens of productions from “60 Minutes” to the Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

As a songwriter and performer his list of accomplishments is just as extensive. He is a two time New England Music Award winner, bringing home the “Male Performer of the Year” trophy in 2018 and “Video of the Year” in 2019. Earlier this year he released the single “Dangerous” about the lessons he learned concerning personal responsibility and self-awareness following his own battle with COVID-19. The song has already connected with tens of thousands of listeners worldwide.

“Sweet Tooth” is Munk Duane’s brand new single, released  October 23, 2020. With its classic R&B chill and clever double entendre sexual innuendo, the track sounds like an unheard Prince slow jam leaked from the vault. And that is just cool with Munk. On his Facebook page, the artists says of the song, “It’s definitely an unapologetic homage to my hero, Prince.” 

As a musician and a fellow Prince devotee, I’ll tell that Munk nails it across the board. From the sexy analog synth at the heart of the mix, to the minimalist downtempo funk of the percussion, Duane understands the Purple aesthetic from the inside out. 

Prince used the entire recording studio as the quill in his compositions. And he understood when less was more. Munk gets it, from his low profile Jazz guitar arpeggios to the unexpected yet perfectly timed backing vocal harmony swells. “Sweet Tooth” feels like a great Prince song, as very few things in this world do.

Check out “Sweet Tooth” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist and follow the links below to connect with this talented and dynamic Bostonian. He’s on a roll. Get in the loop.







Munk Duane on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Munk Duane
Munk Duane