Onicks’ Dark and Sexy New Video – Half to Death

Onicks is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter, originally from California’s San Fernando Valley. The self described “Queerdo latchkey kid” learned to play the drums, trumpet and keys at an early age. As a teen he experimented drugs and ended up fighting with substance abuse and authority. Ultimately though, his love of music and pulled him through. Singing and songwriting were his escapes. 

A few years ago he launched a popular YouTube channel and began publishing wildly creative music videos. The eccentric artistry and sexual energy of videos like “Double Dose” and “Manimal” struck a chord within the global LGBTQ community. Onicks suddenly counted his fan base in the tens of thousands. Last year the artist began releasing a series of successful singles, once again connecting with fans worldwide.

“Half to Death” is the singer’s latest single. Release October 28, 2020 the song pairs an upbeat Pop vibe with a catchy melody, some very funky guitar and dark lyrical undertones. The upbeat Dance groove takes the song to the club as Onicks sings of a toxic relationship that is barely in the rearview. 

The song’s video features scenes of the singer in various states of dress amid images of weapons, blood and roses. It is a visually captivating video paired with an infectiously catchy tune. The lyrical nod to Lady Marmalade is a nice touch as well. 

I want to emote pure sexual energy, aggression, and passion in my music that you can feel. I hardly do something for shits. 


Check out the video, above. And listen to “Half to Death” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Onicks. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.






Onicks on the Deep Indie Dive playlist