Victoria Sponge – Filthy Pure Pop Style and Rock Energy

Victoria Sponge is a five piece Indie Pop/Rock band from Glasgow, Scotland.  The upbeat Alternative group has released a handful of singles over the past six or seven years, spending much of that time gigging around the UK and building their fan base. At the dawn of 2020 they had big plans. They played some high-profile gigs, including a slot at popular Glasgow club King Tut’s New Year Revolution. They had released a new single and began working on their debut EP. 

Then, in a phrase oft-repeated this year, the pandemic happened. Clubs shuttered, gigs were cancelled and the whole world locked down. Although their touring momentum was halted by the virus, the band soldiered on undaunted. Through virtual remote recording sessions they completed work on their new record. On Halloween they unleashed it upon the masses. 

“Filthy Pure” is a three song collection that showcases both the group’s high-energy Rock & Roll vibe and their keen Pop sensibilities. With expert musicianship, Victoria Sponge molds the style and attitude of 80’s and 90’s Alternative Rock into a very modern groove. From the opening tones of the cinematic acoustic intro to “Devil’s Tool” to the closing snare crack of “Talk About Tonight,” each member of the group performs at top form and with an energy that jumps from our speakers. An airtight rhythm section meets virtuosic guitars and a classic Pop tenor vocal that sounds born for radio.

Stylistically the group shows a broad range of influence and style. “Devil’s Tool” combines fire and brimstone imagery with a bit of dark philosophy. The track moves through Classic Rock inspired drama to an upbeat and catchy 90’s Alternative Rock chorus. 

“Commonplace” brings to mind UK Alternative legends The Smiths or Echo and The Bunnymen. Like those pioneers they match an upbeat rhythm and melodic chord structure with a personal, thoughtful and slightly esoteric lyrical narrative.

The record ends on “Talk About the Night.” Clocking in at over five minutes the epic tune moves through the many moods of Alt-Rock. The song swells through the first verse with a single chord build that hints at classics like Sex Pistols’ “Pretty Vacant.” From there the song features jazzy Joe Jackson-style Pop and a powerful 90’s Rock groove. 

“Filthy Pure” is a deeply satisfying record that successfully marries Rock & Roll power with a healthy dose of sugary-sweet Pop. Check out “Commonplace” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to catch up with Victoria Sponge. You can also do a good deed by downloading their new EP at Bandcamp. Until the end of 2020 100% of profits from this edition of FILTHY PURE will go to the Music Venue Trust, supporting Glasgow music venues during the pandemic.







Victoria Sponge on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Victoria Sponge
Victoria Sponge