AyooRee Drops New Fire – Slide

Ayooree is an up and coming rapper from Linden, New Jersey. The aspiring Hip-hop star has been dropping a steady stream of new music for about a year now. In that time he has amassed an impressive catalog. His streaming stats are equally impressive. The talented young artist has achieved numbers usually reserved for major label acts.

Each of his tracks on SoundCloud counts its plays in the tens of thousands. Tracks like the appropriately titled “Came Far” and “Brighter Days” have already cracked over 100K. He has recently distributed his songs to all other major streaming platforms. In September he dropped the EP “Steppa Season.” That record’s single “Blessed” is already seeing the same success as his other tracks, with over 17K spins on Spotify and 60K on SoundCloud.  The fact that he has achieved all of this in only one year is remarkable.

“Slide” is Ayooree’s latest single, released everywhere on October 29, 2020. The song has already struck a chord with listeners, earning 25K spins on SoundCloud the day before it impacted at other platforms. The track finds the rapper relaying stories from the neighborhood. Over a low and slow Trap beat he calls out his rivals for what they’ve done to his friends and lets them know, he won’t let them “slide.” Deep 808 bass tones and distant synth arpeggios set an ominous mood.

Check out “Slide” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Ayooree. Stay in the loop on the current and future projects from this prolific new artist.





AyooRee on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

AyooRee live in New Jersey