Harkness Revives A Classic Pop Soul With The New Defibrillator

The mysterious Harkness returns. We first heard from the Toronto-based musician in September upon the release of his debut single, “I.D.” That record introduced us to an exceptionally talented, enigmatic singer, songwriter and producer whose love of classic Pop music is matched only by his ability to create it.

He spent more than ten years developing and defining his sound. Inspired by decades of Pop and Rock history, his music has a timeless quality. Aside from his mononymous title, the artist chooses to keep his identity a secret. With a mix of esoteric lyrics, traditional song structures and inspired musical arrangements he lets the music speak for itself.

“Defibrillator” is his latest single, released November 6, 2020. With its lush symphonic arrangement and beautifully layered vocal harmonies, the tune is one of the most adventurous Pop songs to come across this desk in some time. Harkness weaves strings, horns and orchestral percussion into a rich wall of sound.

The song sounds like a long lost Beach Boys track. However, this isn’t “Barbara Ann.” Think instead of Brian Wilson’s later, more sophisticated work. “Defibrillator” would sound right at home in the “Pet Sounds” or “Smile” sessions. It is completely satisfying and a lot of fun.

The track deals with the constant decay around us and the Light that is found within it.


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