Lady Lay’s Beautiful And Timeless Lament

Lady Lay is the professional name of singer/songwriter McKayla Harmon. Earlier this year the Boise, Idaho artist debuted her unique and beautiful sound with the five song EP “Blue Lagoon.” It introduced us to an artist with a timeless style and wistful, poetic soul. The record connected with listeners, with the title track reaching thousands across multiple streaming platforms.

“Halloween in the Cemetery” is the singer’s latest project. She describes the record as simply, “a raw EP.” The three song collection finds Lady Lay singing and reciting her soulful and melancholy poetry alongside lo-fi Chamber Pop instrumentation. It sounds like a radio transmission from another time.

I like to give people a taste of heaven, nostalgia and hope.

McKayla Harmon (Lady Lay)

The record opens with the ethereal and hypnotic simplicity of “Pure Sadness.” The singer, alone with her guitar, sings a heartbreaking lament mixed far off in the distance. One imagines wandering the desert and hearing a ghostly and sorrowful voice longingly singing, “Pure sadness, everyday. Pure sadness while I pray. I’m going back to Santa Fe. Maybe I’ll be back someday.”

In both style and substance McKayla’s voice brings to mind Hope Sandoval, the beautiful blue flower of Mazzy Star. The a cappella interlude of “Prim Rose” and the spoken word “Dear Ivy” complete the EP’s otherworldly scene. The latter being a nostalgic letter to a dying loved one, set to harp and organ music. It is a sound that stays with you long after the music fades.

On January 8th, Lady Lay will release a follow-up EP of brand new music. The date is significant in that it is the singer’s very cool birthday which she shares with David Bowie, Elvis and Stephen Hawking. Until then, check out both “Pure Sadness” and “Dear Ivy” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get lost in the desert for awhile.




Lady Lay on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Lady Lay