Gaylips Drop A Bit Of Stir Crazy Punk Rock

Add Gaylips new music to the long list of wonderfully weird byproducts born of the disaster that is 2020. By their own estimation, in January everything was looking up for the UK Rock & Roll duo. They were playing gigs to packed clubs and renowned radio DJ Steve Lamacq was playing them on BBC 6 Music. Then, in the most frequently used phrase of the last eight months, COVID-19 happened.

Gaylips are Carl O’Dell (vocals/bass) and Johnny Watson (drums). For them, and musicians across the globe, lockdown meant no gigs and no close-quarter recording sessions. The band describes their experience as suffering through, “Endless Zoom meetings, soul destroying live band streams, and the weird Facebook friend on a mission to make you wear a face mask in the bath.” The only thing left to do was pick up some guitars and write some songs.

They recorded the tracks themselves and then emailed them to Audio Damage Studio in Bedford, UK for mixing. So far they have released three singles, their latest “D.E.B. (Don’t Eat Bats)” is a brilliant bit of Garage Rock insanity. In both style and structure (the song is just 1:15), “D.E.B.” hearkens back to the dawn of Punk. It was a time when teenagers knocked out hard, fast and often ridiculous songs in garages across the US and UK. Gaylips’ new single fits the bill perfectly, and comes with a fabulously insane video.

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Gaylips on the Deep Indie Dive playlist