Red and the Revelers Light Up a Rainy Day

Red and the Revelers live and breathe a Gulf Coast groove. The Mobile, Alabama band blends together a rich fusion of Country, Blues and Rock & Roll to create their own brand of funky swamp Soul. Led by frontman Red Padilla, the Revelers entertain audiences throughout the Gulf of Mexico region.

“Rainy Day Suggestion” is a single from Red and the Revelers’ debut album, “The Wizard and the Witch.” The tune rolls on a groovy, percussive Blues shuffle. The swampy funk brings to mind the spirit of fellow Gulf region legends, The Neville Brothers. From the cool conga drum and acoustic guitar intro to the Mardis Gras parade horns, the track is a party. 

The lush and creative instrumentation reminds me of some of Los Lobos’ groovy “Kiko” era jams. As the track progresses the energy builds slowly from a simmer to a sizzle. The bridge kicks into a nice solo section. A slick, bluesy lead guitar takes the first turn before passing the baton for a cool be-bop trumpet break.

Lyrically the track is an ode to the sweet leaf. In a hearty, soulful blues wail Red delivers his rainy day suggestion, “Baby let’s get high!” If you’re not feeling the urge to light up and hit the dance floor while listening to Red and the Revelers, you may want to check your pulse.

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Red and the Revelers
Red and the Revelers