Unfold With B’zurkk’s New Chill Trap Groove

B’zurkk is an up and coming Hip-hop artist with a broad range and a distinctively creative sound. Over the past two years he has dropped a series of singles across all major streaming platforms. His records are clearly connecting with fans. His top songs on SoundCloud, like “In a Minute,”  “Conclusive” and “Bleeder” all count their streaming numbers in the tens of thousands. He has a brand new hit to add to their ranks, and it’s already at 50K and counting.

“Unfold” is a cool and trippy bit of hypnotic stoner rap. The track opens with a taste os mellow synth psychedelia. From there, a low and slow Trap beat sets the tempo. Airy arpeggios float in the periphery. B’zurkk drops a string of stream of consciousness rhymes as he contemplates his place in his own world. In his cool, laid back flow the rapper riffs on the value of getting high and opening up the mind. The mix features some nice flourishes of vocal samples and analog synth ambience.

“Unfold” is available on all major streaming services. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with B’zurkk. Get in the loop on all of the current and future releases from this dynamic and prolific artist. Get on his socials and follow him on Spotify and SoundCloud. Don’t miss a beat.





“Unfold” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist