The Unicorn Tribe – New Disco Love From N2BLÜ

N2BLÜ wants you to join The Unicorn Tribe. The group is a New Orleans based EDM duo with whom regular readers of The Static Dive have become well acquainted. That’s because we have been following the group from the beginning. Since they released their debut celebratory and nostalgic dance hit “Neon Gold” in 2019, the team of Louisiana native vocalist Jonathan Arceneaux and Russian expat producer/DJ Konstantin Smorodnikov have dropped a string of a dozen club bangers. 

The group has seen their popularity rise exponentially with each new single. They now count their streaming numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Their music ranges from Nu-Disco to Ambient House and Hard Techno. Regardless of their stylistic choices, the N2BLÜ sound is defined by Smorodnikov’s slick and funky production, personal and inspirational lyrics and powerfully soulful vocals from Jonathan Arceneaux.

“The Unicorn Tribe” is the latest entry in the N2BLÜ catalog of uplifting and rump shaking dance hits. The track does not disappoint. The group’s signature sound is fully intact with an infectious House beat, disco strings and adventurous EDM experimentations. The song hits the dance floor early as Jonathan lends his classic and powerful Pop vocal to an upbeat message of inclusion, acceptance and self appreciation. It’s a message sure to connect with listeners of all stripes.

The beat keeps the energy up throughout the track, taking only a brief and really cool break in the bridge. Konstantin introduces the triplet thump of drums halfway through the track. That rhythm quickly morphs into an ethereal wave of synths. The temporary break creates a wide open space for Arceneaux to reach the emotional pinnacle of the song. It is a feel-good vibe all around.

Unicorn Tribe is about embracing what makes YOU different and special. We may not always be understood or appreciated for who we are or what we offer the world, but as long as we are true to who we are that’s all that matters.

Jonathan Arceneaux
N2BLÜ – The Unicorn Tribe

Check out “The Unicorn Vibe” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with N2BLÜ. Get in the loop on all of the new music coming from this talented and dynamic duo. And get on the dance floor!






“The Unicorn Tribe” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

N2BLÜ - The Unicorn Tribe
N2BLÜ – The Unicorn Tribe