3G’s New Take On a Classic Sound – Wrong Lover

3G’s is a multi-cultural, multi-genre singing trio consisting of two brothers from the Dominican Republic and their friend from British Virgin Islands. They first got together two years ago and immediately began defining and honing their craft. On October 30, 2020 the group made their international debut with the single “Wrong Lover.”

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, brothers Wrinsck and Wrisberg Rene De León each began playing and singing music in Elementary school. Wrisberg learned to play guitar at the age of 15 while Wrinsck join singing groups in college. The duo have now combined their skills to form 3G’s with their friend Kitwan.

Kitwan Djmon Maduro began singing in the Youth Choir in the Road Town Methodist Church in his hometown of Baugher’s Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. He was inspired at a young age by the talents of Michael Jackson and the command the King of Pop had over an audience. Young Kitwan knew that he wanted to be a Pop singer as well.

“Wrong Lover” is a smooth R&B/Pop song in the vein of the great 90’s boy bands, a-la Backstreet Boys and legendary ‘new jack swing’ producer Teddy Riley. The song tells a tale that many of us know well, the shame and heartbreak of being “friend-zoned” by our crush.

Over a slick R&B production featuring Hip-Hop grooves and Pop hooks, the trio sings impeccable harmonies and soulful leads. They weave plenty of Caribbean flavor into the mix, particularly in the bridge with a great salsa rhythm and some really nice guitar. It’s a great sound that is simultaneously fresh and nostalgic.

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3G’s on the Deep Indie Beat playlist