Bat Allison With a Love Hate Choice for 2020

Bat Allison is a new three piece Punk band from San Antonio, Texas. The group was formed by frontwoman, bassist and lead vocalist Lynette Aleman. Although new to the Rock & Roll scene, Aleman is no stranger to the arts or performing. After singing Opera in college she went on to become an actor and film director. However, after years of watching bands play she finally decided to take the leap and start her own. With the help of her bass playing husband she brushed up on her chops and made some calls.

Lynette recruited her friend, fellow Punk Rock fan and multi-instrumentalist, Michelle Frugia to play the drums. Frugia has been playing the skins and a dozen other instruments since childhood. Rounding out the band is RJ Huston on the guitar. After a lifetime of playing music in private, four years ago RJ joined a band and never looked back.

“LoveHate” is the new Bat Allison single, from their debut EP “Lizard Lounge Sessions.” The track is a raw, Punk Rock assessment of the sorry state of the world. Over two chords cranked to eleven, Lynnette runs through a litany of social issues America is facing in 2020. However, the song is not simply a list of grievances. It’s a Garage Rock call to action. The singer urges us all to, “Make a change.”

The video for “LoveHate” is a modern riff on Bob Dylan’s legendary “Subterranean Homesick Blues” film. Directed by Aleman, each member of the band holds cards that coincide with the lyrics of the song. It’s an effective storytelling tool, as well as a nice shoutout to a cool bit of Rock & Roll history. 

Check out the video, above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Bat Allison. Get on the socials and get in the loop all of their current and future projects from this exciting new band.






Bat Allison on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Bat Allison