Ghukas – The Beautiful And Woeful “Faithful”

Ghukas is the professional name of Armenian singer and songwriter, Ghukas Stepanyan. He made his international debut in 2019 with the EP “Umbra.” In just four songs that record showcased the many sides of this talented musician. With tracks ranging from lush electronic arrangements to quiet and soulful meditations, we were introduced to a multifaceted and thoughtful artist.

Since its release, “Umbra” has connected with audiences worldwide. Each of the tracks on the EP counts its streaming numbers in the tens of thousands. The singer’s YouTube channel has its devotees as well, with thousands of views on many of the videos he features there.

“Faithful” is a single from and the final track on the “Umbra” EP. The song is a deeply soulful acoustic guitar and piano ballad. Over a somber minor key chord progression the singer sings a quiet but powerfully emotional ode to a love to which he feels he is not worthy. The mix is accented by subtle synths, electric piano and bass. It’s a beautifully and timelessly classic Pop sound.

The song is accompanied by an excellent and heartbreaking animated video. Check it out (above). You can also hear “Faithful” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with this talented new artist.






Ghukas on the Deep Indie Dive playlist