Kilo House Drops a Bass Trap Mash-Up For Mom

We first heard from Kilo House in October upon the release of his excellent horror-flick Halloween creep fest, “The Witching Hour.” That record introduced us to the artist’s unique and über creative production style. KH combines Pop-culture samples with wildly innovative instrumental EDM grooves.

We also learned of his inspirational personal story. Through hard work, unwavering determination and the power of Rock & Roll (no joke), Kilo House was able to defy the confines of a wheelchair to fulfill his dream of having a life in music. Starting as a drummer in his home state of Oklahoma, he eventually moved on to The Golden State to study and work as a record producer. You can read all about his journey and watch a video interview with the artist here.

“Marsha” is Kilo House’s latest single, released November 13, 2020. Once again the adventurous composer has combined seemingly disparate sources into a singularly cohesive and very cool mix. This time he launched from a very personal point of inspiration. The track is an anniversary gift to his parents. The central melodic theme is built around a song his father wrote for his wedding proposal, all those years ago.

It is a touching story. Many songwriters would probably turn it into a sappy love ballad or tear-jerker folk song. However, Kilo House makes Bass Trap bangers. He wasn’t about to change course now, just for the sake of sentiment. 

“Marsha” (his mothers name) opens with a bit of trippy ambient keys and orchestral string sounds. As his father’s melody circles the mix, KH drops the bass and the beginnings of a trap beat. The song cycles through multiple phases of the groove, each growing more intense than the last as he introduces staccato EDM arpeggios and ever deeper bass hits.

In his signature style, Kilo House incorporates an immediately recognizable bit of Pop Culture history. He has some fun with the song title by sampling the most famous of Brady Bunch quotes. I don’t know why, but hearing Jan Brady say “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” in increasingly modulated tones is infinitely satisfying.

Check out “Marsha” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with this very talented, dynamic producer. He’s also a real nice guy. Say hello if you get the chance.






Kilo House on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Kilo House