Allucid And The Seductive Chill Of Time

Allucid is the professional name of 18 year-old singer, songwriter and music producer Daniel Hirose. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, as a child Daniel moved with his family to the Seattle suburb of Sammish, Washington. There he showed an early interest and aptitude for music, with piano lessons starting when he was just five years old. 

Over the years Hirose experimented with various styles and genres of music. He explored Pop, Hip-Hop and classical piano. In his teens the talented young artist expanded his musical world beyond piano and began producing songs in his home studio. His years of musical training proved indispensable as he ventured into melodic composition and song structuring. In 2018 he started releasing his original music to the world, and Allucid was born.

“Time” is the latest single from Allucid, released November 13, 2020. The song is a smooth Caribbean flavored Pop/R&B groove. Cool airy synths and steel drum samples lay down a great island vibe. Over a chill Dancehall inspired beat, Allucid sings an infectious and hypnotic melody. In a laid back and coolly confident tone he wins over his girl by taking his time. 

Check out “Time” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. In addition to his musical prowess, Daniel is a division 1 baseball player at Wofford College. However, his first dream is to make it in the music industry. He definitely has the chops for it. Follow the links below to connect with this exciting and talented new artist. Join him on his journey.






Allucid on the Deep Indie Beat playlist