Geoff – Nothing Lasts Forever

GEOFF is the mononymous self-taught multi-instrumentalist behind the new seven song EP, “Nothing Last Forever.” The record is a tour through the sounds and styles of Alternative Rock and Alt-Pop from the 1980’s to the present day. With a polished and clean sound, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ is the second studio album to come from this electro-alternative rocker.

The Brussels born musician first got his start in music over twenty years ago when his father gave him a guitar at the age of 14. He eventually went on to learn to play an entire complement of Rock & Roll instruments including,; bass, piano, drums and keyboards. Now a one man band, Geoff makes music with the stated goal, “to change the expectations of alternative music, pop/rock and electro/ rock, challenging the status quo with his explosive presence and utilisation of music videos.”

Now based in London, Geoff has released two studio albums as a solo artist. “Nothing Lasts Forever” was released on October 29, 2020. Over the course of these seven track, the multi-talented artist takes on musical adventure that will satisfy any fan of modern popular Alternative music. The record opens with a classic U2-inspired guitar riff and a radio-ready guitar and synth Pop hook. The upbeat and catchy tune examines the current state of modern online dating.

Throughout the record Geoff successfully blends and alternates between Electro-pop grooves, modern rock energy and singer/songwriter soul. “Last Chance” brings to mind the melancholy digital soul of Depeche Mode. Whereas on the title track, the diverse songwriter and performer delivers a beautiful acoustic number with lush layers of vocal harmonies, strings and some really nice guitar playing.

“Treason” is a cool, Killers-inspired Alt-Pop track that builds in intensity as the song unfolds. “Just A Leitmotiv” follows a similar trajectory but with a bit more ‘Electro’ mixed into the Pop stew. “Teenage Song” takes the emotional drama of 80’s Alt-Pop love ballad and brings it into the modern age with some very 2020 production techniques.

“Nothing Lasts Forever” ends on the epic, “You Dream Away.” The emotional and inspirational track takes all of the elements hinted at throughout the record and combines them into a fist-pumping anthem. It’s a fitting ending to a record that successfully rides the line between the past and future to create a perfect sound for Alternative fans of all stripes.

Check out the video for “My Egirlfriend,” above. And listen to the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Geoff






Geoff on the Deep Indie Dive playlist