Katherine Aly’s Dreamy Hypnotic Butterflies

Katherine Aly is a genre-defying singer and songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland. Since launching her solo career in 2019 the talented artist has been making a name for herself with music fans around the world. 

Her songs have been featured on prominent Scottish media outlets like Tenement TV, The Scottish Sun and The Skinny Magazine. Katherine has gained airplay on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC nan Gaidheal, Amazing Radio as well as stations in the USA, Canada, France, Spain and as far afield as Australia. 

Since her debut, Katherine has released four singles that span a wide array of styles and sounds. From the neoclassical “The Skin I’m Made Of” and the progressive “Sunny Days” to the dark-pop “Misty Me” and the synth-pop gem titled “God Breed,” Aly has defied classification at every turn.

“Butterflies” is Katherine Aly’s newest single, released October 23, 2020. The artist takes another creative turn, this time into downtempo electronic territory. Through the verse the song takes on a Trip-hop mood with hypnotic synths and exotic percussion. Katherine matches the psychedelic vibe with esoteric lyrics blending images of love, nature and the universe. 

In the chorus the track opens up to a wide mix with pounding drums and a broad soundscape of organ, guitar and synths. Once again, the singer rises to the occasion with a powerful vocal with flashes of Middle Eastern melodic elements.

Butterflies is a song about finding yourself in the other, experiencing an electrifying relationship that’s shaping your identity. I wrote it inspired by the film Call Me By Your Name and the bittersweet aftertaste of being in the essence of love.

Katherine Ely

Check out the video for “Butterflies,” above. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with this exciting and diverse artist.





Katherine Aly on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Katherine Aly
Katherine Aly