Wade Wilson’s Old School Wild Thing Pennant Race

Wade Wilson is an aspiring Hip-hop artist, originally from Trenton, New Jersey and now residing in Brooklyn. For the better part of a decade, Wilson has been dropping his unique brand old school Hip-hop. On his Twitter profile Wilson refers to himself as a Punk-Rock rapper. Although his music his not Punk in style, his mindset is definitely a multi-genre mash-up.

“Waderick “Wild Thing” Vaughn: The Mixtape” is Wade Wilson’s latest EP, released to Bandcamp on November 6, 2020. The seven song collection is a concept album of sorts. The record is structured around the sequential phases of a baseball season. And, as the title suggests, he is taking inspiration from Charlie Sheen’s Ricky ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughn character from the classic baseball movie “Major League” (1989).

The style is definitively old-school Hip-hop. Over a series of late 80’s and early 90’s era grooves, Wilson comes at the beat with the attitude and energy of a street corner freestyler. Throughout the record he mixes baseball metaphors with pop culture references. Stopping only briefly to take a breath, he moves seamlessly from lighthearted party jams to deeper themes of racial inequality, substance abuse and economic issues.

Although he gets serious at times, overall this is a fun record to listen to. The mixtape is rife with unexpected references from TV, to movies and Rap to Rock. He drops names left and right, from The Fonz (“Summer Stretch”) to Punk legends Agent Orange. He quotes Smashing Pumpkins (“Spring Training”), Green Day and Weezer (“Champagne”). He somehow makes David Bowie references and KRS One samples work together (“Wild Thing”) and raps about Superman over breakbeat rhythms (“Season Opener”). 

The beats on “Waderick “Wild Thing” Vaughn: The Mixtape” range from Jazzy Chill-hop grooves to psychedelic moods. Wilson is joined on the album by producers Ill Omega, Dready Mercury, and Al Simmons. It is a fun record for any fan of baseball, cartoons, classic Alt-Rock and of course old-school Hip-hop. Check it out here, and follow the links below to connect with Wade Wilson.

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