PaysNoMind – Seattle Rapper Drops New Single – PURP.

PaysNoMind is the professional name of aspiring Hip-Hop artist, Lucas Payseno. Since 2016 the Seattle artist has released a series of singles on SoundCloud. In that time his material has ranged from lighthearted party fare to more serious matters of social relevance. 

For instance, earlier this year he released the track “Black Lives Matter.” On that song he addressed the overarching issue of police brutality, and also the sometimes violent demonstrations occurring across the country. Some of them in his own hometown.

“Purp” is the latest single from PaysNoMind. The track covers decidedly less controversial ground. Over slow Trap beat he alternates between a comedic faux English accent and a laid back Hip-hop flow. The beat is peppered by hypnotic broken glass and bell percussion. Meanwhile the rapper ruminates on the value of getting high. It’s a cool groove with a fun tongue-in-cheek attitude.

Listen to “Purp.” here, and follow the links below to connect with PaysNoMind. Check out his SoundCloud catalog and get on his socials to keep up to date on all of the current and future projects from the artist, including the forthcoming “Purp” video.

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