Shyghoul’s Chill New Ambient Trap Groove

Shyghoul is a brand new up and coming Hip-Hop group out of Manchester, UK. The duo consists of producer, vocalist and rapper 2shy (Rory Kennedy Peers) and fellow rapper 9/5 Ghoul (Liam Kinsella.) The two musicians from opposite sides of town met a few years ago while working together at a popular Manchester music club. They immediately hit it off but would have to wait a bit before their collaboration was to come to fruition.

Finally, three years after their initial connection they came together to create some music. They rented studio space and got down to the business of making records. The group debuted earlier this year with an eponymous ten song LP. The prolific team have not wasted any time in producing a follow up, which comes in the form of a brand new six track EP.

“Gloomy” is set in a cool, downtempo mood from the start and keeps us there through the record’s six tracks. The Shyghoul sound is a unique mix of ambient electronic soundscapes and chill Hip-hop grooves. Kennedy’s production pairs airy synths with lo-fi Trap beats for a hypnotic vibe. Throughout the record they mix their signature chill sounds with found sound samples and transient melodic elements.

Tracks like “Hellraiser” and “Elm Street” weave synth and melodic percussion arpeggios in and out of the mix. Trippy samples of guitar, vocals and even nature sounds paint the scene on tracks like “The Grudge,” and “Last House on The Left.” Meanwhile the two artists trade lines, rapping and singing personal introspective narratives. Their style lands somewhere between confessional rap and emo Hip-hop, all the while with a laid back flow to match the chill beats.

The record’s song titles and subject matter suggest a theme, each referencing classic horror and monster movies. In some cases the tracks sample audio from their namesake movies (“Buffy”). It’s all part of the aesthetic set by the album title, and it works. The slightly creepy vibe and lyrical references to dreams and childhood memories create a mood that would work perfectly on the soundtrack to any one of these flicks.

Check out “Last House on the Left” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Shyghoul. Get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented and prolific team.




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