Mad Nutz – Lost Love

Mad Nutz is the professional name of Tiago Campos. He is a DJ and music producer, originally from Portugal and now based in Berlin, Germany. Tiago has been making music for nearly twenty years. He got his start as a teenager and since then has worked in countless projects in multiple genres and electronic music subgenres. His list of influences is long and varied. It includes Rock, EDM, Hip-Hop and Jazz artists like; Pink Floyd, DJ Shadow, DJ Rashad, The Hacker, John Coltrane, Wu Tang and Mobb Deep.

I love music in every way. I have several musical projects, hip hop, footwork, drum and bass, chillout and downtempo. I make music because I love it.

Tiago Campos (Mad Nutz)

“Lost Love” is the latest release from Mad Nutz. The track is an 8:49 cinematic, four on the floor Hard Techno groove. As the beat is introduced, industrial sounds swell into the mix. Robotic arpeggios swirl in the distance and create a bit of Sci-Fi tension. With it’s constant forward motion the song sounds like the score to a high drama chase scene in a futuristic thriller. As images of cyborgs dance in our heads, the beat takes a brief break at the 3:00 mark for an ambient interlude. The calm does not last long though. As the song progresses the tension and intensity build. We find ourselves lost in the hypnotic Trance groove.

Under normal (pre-COVID) circumstances, Mad Nutz would be spending his evenings DJing in Berlin clubs. For the foreseeable future, he will be making beats at home. Follow the links below to connect with his socials and keep an eye on his SoundCloud page for more new music.

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