Misterium Whisper’s Mystical New Trip – We Came and Went

Misterium Whisper is a one man band project from singer/songwriter, Leo Irsara. The San Cassiano, Italy based musician is a gear purist, recording all of his tracks with vintage instruments and equipment. In his home studio he plugs his classic guitars into tube amps in his endless search for that ‘authentic’ sound. 

A self taught multi-instrumentalist, Leo has been playing music since childhood. However, he did not begin writing his own original music until he was in his thirties. Since then he has been on a mission to make creative music that “looks for positive waves.”

“We Came and Went” is the latest release from Misterium Whisper, released November 7, 2020. The tune is a groovy little Lo-fi Alt-Pop meditation. In style, attitude and execution the track brings to mind some of the great quirky DIY Alternative bands from the 1990’s, like Pavement or Camper Van Beethoven. As his guitars, bass and drums cycle through a hypnotic chord progression, Leo tells the tale of a once in a lifetime day trip.

I wrote this song some time ago, when I went to take a day off on an island on my own where I probably will never go again. One of those places that you keep calling up with your mind sometimes when you want to think about something beautiful and special that you have experienced. On this trip to this island it seems to me that someone was with me in my imagination, someone like an angel or like another myself in another dimension. Yes it sounds crazy told like this, but this was the song’s inspiration.

Leo Irsara (Misterium Whisper)

You can hear “We Came and Went” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Click the links below to connect with Leo and follow him on his unique musical journey.




Misterium Whisper on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

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