Station Joe – Country Rock And Blues Grit From The Road

Station Joe is a four piece Rock & Roll band from the middle of Tennessee. Most weekends you’ll find them in a van packed full of amps, guitars, bass and drums. They’ll be headed to some honky tonk or juke joint to rock out to Classic Rock, Outlaw Country and a healthy dose of Psychedelic Blues. In short, they’re a bar band.

Whether you’re gigging up here in New York or way down south of the Mason Dixon line like Station Joe, the life of a bar band is a universal constant. It is one of late nights, free beer and low pay. It’s about getting on stage and playing your heart out while your friends, family and strangers get way too drunk and use you as their excuse. It’s about carrying your own gear, being your own sound man and getting screwed over by bar owners. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun.

The Road Ahead

Given their chosen profession, the guys in Station Joe have played their fair share of “Free Bird” covers. But they’ve got a bit more depth to their act than that. On the side, they’re writing their own stuff. A couple of months ago the band dropped their debut original EP, “The Road Ahead.” The five song collection showcases the chops they’ve earned on the road, both as players and as songwriters.

“The Road Ahead” opens with a funky, down and dirty Southern Blues rocker. “What’s Left of Me” churns like a slow Allman Brothers jam. The band pairs ripping guitar leads with classic blues imagery, “The devil’s got my soul. You can have what’s left of me.” The song is a perfect introduction to a band of seasoned pros who know how to belt out some soul.

As the record progresses, Station Joe samples a little bit from all of the genres and subgenres of their repertoire. “Rain” is a solid Country Rock power ballad as the protagonist laments his own bad choices. “Save Her” picks up the tempo a bit and shifts gears into a bit of retro Alt-Rock. As the singer tells a heartbreaking tale of a doomed small town love affair, the band rocks out in a cool rhythmic bass and drum groove.

“Outrun the Sun” dips back a couple of decades stylistically for a little downtempo psychedelic Classic Rock. The singer ruminates about the fleeting nature of our time here on Earth. Meanwhile the band chugs along on a dark and funky swamp rock groove. On the final track, they shift gears with a witty and fun acoustic Country tune. “Guess the Rest” is a smart, slightly tongue in cheek “ballad of the simple man.”

Station Joe is a group of four guys that know what they’re doing, who they’re doing it with and why. They write songs that sound like you already know them. And they play their hearts out. So, drop a little something in their tip jar and follow the links below to give “The Road Ahead” a listen.






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