Jamal Plummer’s Uplifting Message Takes Us Higher

Jamal Plummer is an aspiring R&B singer/songwriter originally from Winchester, Virginia and now living in Brooklyn. The talented young artist debuted his uniquely soulful voice and songwriting chops in 2019 with the cool and dreamy love song “All I Want.” The singer’s latest single is his first of 2020 and with it he brings an uplifting message.

“Higher” is Jamal Plummer’s new song, released August 13, 2020. The track is a smooth slow jam in the style of classic 90’s R&B. Plummer lists artists like Pop crooner Sisqo and R&B vocal legend Brandy as his primary inspirations. We can hear their influence in Jamal’s skilled R&B/Pop phrasing and his expert execution of otherworldly multipart harmonies.

A mellow but funky syncopated beat carries “Higher” forward as a Jazzy bass and ambient synths set the mood. But at the heart of the track are Jamal’s deeply soulful vocals. As he promises to take his baby higher, at first listen the track sounds like a love song. And it will no doubt be on plenty of romantic candle-lit dinner playlists. But a closer listen suggests there is a deeper message at work here.

‘Higher’ is an uplifting message to the black community: Together anything is possible. Together we will go forward. We will go higher. 

Jamal Plummer

You can hear “Higher” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Jamal Plummer. Get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this exciting and talented singer. He has a sound that will certainly take him higher.






Jamal Plummer on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Jamal Plummer