Sonic Radiation’s New Interdimensional Transmission – Roentgen

Sonic Radiation first appeared here on The Static Dive over a year ago, upon the release of the single “Infrared” in July, 2019. Known to his friends and family as Todd Last, Sonic Radiation is a musician, DJ and producer who deals in wildly creative and experimental electronic dance music. Working as a solo artist, Todd creates completely synthesized music that is built on EDM fundamentals but also finds style and inspiration outside of the electronic music world.

All of Sonic Radiation’s compositions are multimedia experiences. His music is inspired by images which are in turn direct products of the music itself. Each song is accompanied by a short psychedelic film of fractal images. Like the music these are completely synthetic computer generations. Todd calls the films “Dimixides.” He intentionally uses solely digital media to bridge a connection to the organic world. This is future music, with a purpose.

“Roentgen” is Sonic Radiation’s latest release, and his first of 2020. Available everywhere November 20, 2020, the track is a 5:19 digital dive into the human mind. The song’s name is taken from a unit of measuring ionizing radiation. 

A hard pounding, four on the floor techno kick drum propels the track ever forward. Electronic sixteenth note hi-hats create a sense of urgency as ambient synths swell in the distance. Rhythmic pulses of dissonant static give the track the feel of a radio transmission from another place or time. Within that transmission, a Celtic melody floats in the periphery.

Check out the Dimixide for “Roentgen,” above. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Todd Last. Explore the rich and deeply satisfying Sonic Radiation catalog of electronic experiments in sight and sound.








Sonic Radiation on the Deep Indie Chill playlist

Sonic Radiation
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