Daryl Myers – Love & Rockin’ Blues For The Devil Dogs

Daryl Myers is a singer, songwriter and producer from Mobile, Alabama. He lives there today with his wife and two daughters. However, before settling down in his hometown, Daryl followed a career path that brought him around the world many times. He’s been a Marine, an engineer on a cruise ship and as a businessman. Now, after a very long hiatus, Daryl is once again pursuing a career as a recording artist.

Twenty years ago Myers was in the US Marine Corps and stationed in Okinawa, Japan. That’s when he recorded his first album, “Solid Gold.” The resourceful musician turned his barracks room into a miniature recording studio. During his time in Japan and then later when stationed in California, he sold the CD at his gigs which he performed for other Marines as well as civilians. 

Life took Daryl on a dozen adventures in the ensuing years. All the while he planned to record a second album. Travel, work, marriage and fatherhood all delayed those plans a bit. However, twenty years later he has finally found the time to get back into the studio. Scheduled for a 2021 release, “10 for 20” will be Daryl’s long awaited follow-up. He is releasing a handful of singles in the lead-up to the album’s completion.

“Devil Dogs” is Daryl Myers’ latest single, released on November 10, 2020. The date is significant as it was the 245th anniversary since the birth of the Marine Corps. Appropriately, the song is a tribute and thank you to Daryl’s fellow U.S. Marines. A Rocking Blues number, the track was composed, produced and performed by Myers. Daryl plays most of the instruments himself. His only accompaniment comes from Hugo Iglesias who rips some seriously smoking Stevie Ray Vaughn inspired Blues guitar. 

Lyrically the song shines a light on significant moments in the Marines’ long and prestigious history. Daryl takes us from the birth of the Corps during the American Revolution, to the legendary Battle of Chapultepec in Mexico and finally to one of the most significant moments in World War II history when Marines raised the flag at Iwo Jima. The final verse makes commentary about the government’s failure to care for its heroes. However, in the end the song is a heartfelt and moving tribute to the Devil Dogs (a Marine nickname) from one of their own.

We’re Devil Dogs till the day we die. a band of brothers and sisters Semper Fi!

Daryl Myers – “Devil Dogs”

Check out the “Devil Dogs” video, above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Daryl Myers and follow along on his new “10 for 20” adventure.






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