Andrea Pizzo, Purple Mice And New Martian Potatoes

Andrea Pizzo and Raffaella Turbino are from the Northern Italian towns of Albenga (SV) and Chiavari (GE), respectively. Of the many things the married couple have in common are a love of music and an interest in space travel. Both are also singers and songwriters. So, in 2019 they decided to pool their creative resources.

The couple began a collaborative songwriting process that soon evolved into a concept album. Their songs combined Raffaella’s sense of wonder with Andrea Pizzo’s fascination with space travel. Eventually they were joined by Riccardo Morello and Roberto Tiranti. Together the four musicians are known collectively as Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice.

“Excerpt from Potatoes on Mars” is the band’s new three song EP. The track ties man’s desire to explore space with his gradual realization that his life is no more or less important than all others. The record’s opening track is a celebration of the interconnectivity of life. The band ties that heady premise to a fun and upbeat and quirky classic Country groove.

“Keep on Searching” is a musically adventurous track. The song opens with a noir, Pulp Fiction vibe. However, by the first chorus it blows up to an upbeat Alternative Rock romp. The song shifts gears once more and morphs into a Heavy Metal guitar interlude in the bridge. The band pulls it off and the song ads depth to our space adventure.

The final track is “Goldilocks Zone,” named for the habitable zone around a star where all environmental factors are conducive to the formation of life. The track has the feel of a traditional folk ballad paired with a Jazz bass line and some groovy percussion. Ethereal guitar chords and operatic vocals set the scene for the song’s otherworldly premise.

The new EP “Excerpt from Potatoes on Mars”  by Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice is a thoroughly enjoyable, whimsical journey through Pop music, and space. Follow the links below to connect with the artists. You can hear “Potatoes on Mars” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist.





Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Andrea Pizzo