Chad Nathan – 5 New Traps On Three Miles Of Southern Road

Chad Nathan is rapper and music producer, originally from Summerville and now living in Waterboro, both in South Carolina. The music of his home state has had a significant influence on his sound. His production style combines elements of Trap and downtempo beats. He has a laid back Southern vibe that permeates all of his music.

The artist’s family has also been a big inspiration to him, both musically and motivationally. Ched grew up listening to his grandmother’s Latin records. Eventually the music would color his own as he incorporates its percussive and melodic flavors into his grooves. Over the years he has also been inspired by the music and energy of his cousin, fellow SC Hip-hop producer, Invmniv.

First making music just for his friends and family, in 2017 they convinced him to publish his tracks. Releasing his music to YouTube, Chad uploaded a series of tracks before going on a hiatus through much of 2019. However, now he is back with a vengeance. Throughout 2020, Chad Nathan has released a dozen tracks to major streaming services like Spotify. His latest is the meditative downtempo five song mixtape, “Three Mile Demo Tape” released everywhere on November 21, 2020. The collection is a showcase for the songwriter’s distinctive sound, and a warm up for his forthcoming album.

Three Mile Demo Tape

The five tracks on “Three Mile Demo Tape” ride a slow and low Trap groove. Along the way Nathan mixes in sounds and styles from various subgenres of electronic music and Hip-Hop. The short songs flow smoothly together like smaller pieces of a whole. The record opens with the ambient synths of “G63,” and Chad Nathan’s signature smooth, mellow and melodic autotune rapping. 

“5AM” spins on hypnotic circular arpeggios as the rapper floats his stream of consciousness rhymes. “Three Mile Freestyle” introduces bouncing 808 bass hits while “Rick Borzay” incorporates a smooth electric piano and flute. The record ends where it began on the ambient sounds of “DK.” The track has a trippy sound, with choral vocal samples and some groovy random percussion.

Check out “Three Mile Demo Tape” on Spotify. You can also hear the song, “G63” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Chad Nathan. Get on his socials and stay up to date on all of his current and future projects, including the upcoming album.





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Chad Nathan on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

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