Aaron Spencer Shines A Spotlight On A Nightclub Flower

Aaron Spencer is a UK singer/songwriter who left his beloved home in Cumbria to find fame in the more metropolitan Liverpool. It’s a historic city in the annals of Rock & Roll, having been the birthplace of everyone from The Beatles to Echo and The Bunnymen. Aaron has been in a few bands as well. However these days he is going solo, and it’s going well. His debut single “Sticky Dancefloor” received praise from UK publications, CLOUT and Reyt Good Magazine.

“Flower” is Aaron Spencer’s latest single, released November 20. The track is an upbeat Indie rocker. With a groove that is equal parts 1979 and 2020, at first glance the song seems like a pretty straightforward Pop/Punk jam. And it is, but there is plenty of nuance between the quarter note power chords. 

While the track chugs forward with a “London Calling” style march; guitars, keys and bass play intricate ancillary melodies and rhythms. Meanwhile, Aaron tells the tale of a working class girl who escapes the drudgery of the daylight hours by hitting the clubs at night.  

I wrote the song when I started going out to pubs and clubs in Whitehaven. Nights out have always been influential for my songwriting. There’s an air of escapism, remedy and even desperation.

Aaron Spencer

Check out “Flower,” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Click the links below to connect with Aaron Spencer. Follow him as his musical journey unfolds. And get in the loop on all of his future projects.





Aaron Spencer on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Aaron Spencer